About UltraPURE UV Systems

FilterTECH’s UltraPURE UV Systems are Packaged Modular Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, pre-assembled, pre-programmed, and ready for installation including all the necessary hardware and software for a complete and functioning system. Using Hallett UV Modules, by UV PURE, and including auxiliary equipment such as pumps, valves, controls, and monitors, our UltraPURE systems are custom designed and configured for each project. Because Modules can be organized into custom arrangements and controlled individually or collectively, a wide variety of flow rates can be provided in a single system. In most cases, required redundancy can be achieved with one extra UV Module, making our UltraPURE solutions extremely flexible to design and operate.

The Hallett Modules offered in our UltraPURE systems are self-cleaning, non-contact units, delivering safety and convenience at reliably low operating costs. These small flow systems are simple yet robust, and provide high-end features and functionality of contemporary ‘smart’ UV Disinfection systems normally found in large flow systems.