Filter Tech Systems is a Colorado company that has been regularly engaged in building and supplying Packaged Drinking Water Filtration Plants for more than 50 years. FilterTECH has supplied equipment for over 100 installations of various flow ranges and treatment types for municipal, commercial, and industrial customers. As a custom system supplier, FilterTECH has always taken great pride in our ability and willingness to work with operators, engineers, and other project stakeholders to develop the right treatment systems and deliver the proper products for each particular project. We do not offer ‘one size fits all’ solutions, and we welcome the opportunity to be engaged in developing options, evaluating alternatives, designing and fabricating systems, and supporting our customers, large and small.

Through the years, by evolution and refinement, FilterTECH has developed a wide array of treatment Technologies and components including Flash Mixers; Paddlewheel Flocculators; Clarifiers; Gravity Filters offering concurrent air-and-water backwash arrangements; Marine Grade Aluminum Package Plant Vessels; Pressure Filters often incorporating today’s specialty media for removal of specific metals and other difficult to remove constituents; Membrane Filtration Systems (UF and RO); UV Disinfection Assemblies; and all the Control Systems required for the proper operational functionality of the equipment and treatment processes. Any of these technologies, or a combination of them, are evaluated to determine what equipment combination ultimately offers the best value for the customer on any given project. Every job is different, each one with its own project requirements. We are a small business with the flexibility to accommodate the needs of each individual Package Plant project and customer.

Over the years, FilterTECH has developed an approach that focuses not only on supplying good equipment for a reasonable price, but also on always providing the right technology and the continued operational support required to make and keep happy customers. A good job is a job that everyone is happy with, and we feel like we ‘own’ the responsibility for good plant performance as much as the actual plant owners do. Package Water Treatment Plants are usually supplied as an ‘all-in-one’ system, and we gladly accept responsibility for our treatment systems’ performance.

FilterTECH has learned that there are no shortcuts to good water treatment. We design our systems using accepted engineering principles and we adhere to well-established and conservative design approaches that meet or exceed the requirements set forth by federal and state regulatory agencies. And while not much of our equipment is necessarily unique, or patented, or somehow revolutionary, our systems do offer the benefit of time-tested designs and proven operational functionality.

Most importantly, we have learned through our many years that Customer Service is the single thing that matters most. Packaged Water Treatment Systems are not all that different from one another in the end. We have come to think ours are better in some ways, and we believe our approach to helping engineers and end-users develop the best system for their particular needs makes FilterTECH better than most who use a pre-designed one-size-fits-all approach. But the thing we truly believe separates us from others is our real and continued commitment to our customers before, during, and long after we actually supply equipment, which FilterTECH has been doing for over 50 years.

Put Filter Tech’s Strengths to Work for You

50 Years Industry Experience & Knowledge

Professional Team

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Innovative Solutions

Excellent Customer Service


Filter Tech has the history, experience and capability to work closely with you to help design any variation of a water filtration system, whether it be a membrane system or a conventional dual-media system, for potable water, reuse or wastewater applications. Filter Tech brings a great combination of elements to every project, including a mix of experience and innovation, and a customer service attitude that ensures everyone on the project looks good because at the end of the day the customer is happy, the plant is easy to operate, the process is sustainable and repeatable, and the water being produced is excellent.

We build equipment.

We build relationships.

We build your water.

Filter Tech Systems is your best choice for water treatment equipment

  • We have a broad base of successful installations and satisfied customers

  • We are small enough to offer custom, cost-effective solutions based on our diverse product line, historical installations and years of experience

  • We can provide single-source responsibility for the entire water treatment plant from the raw water intake to the filtered water storage and all of the treatment processes, ancillary equipment and instrumentation in between

  • We integrate all of the equipment into our single, simple-to-use, intuitive AquaTRAC SCADA system

  • Our equipment and systems provide the tools and versatility so that the operator can optimize every step of the process

  • We design our systems so that our equipment can easily produce a high-quality filter effluent

  • We deliver professional, quality products every time

  • Telephone support is free and available 24/7 including evenings and weekends

Our commitment to the engineer, the customer and the operator is to provide high-quality equipment that is cost-effective to own, easy to operate and economical to run while producing a crystal-clear filtered water effluent.