About AquaTRAC Controls & SCADA

FilterTECH’s AquaTRAC Control and SCADA Systems are complete systems including all the hardware and software required for the proper function of our treatment systems. Customized for each job and application, whether a simple local control panel or a complex arrangement incorporating other information into a complete SCADA system, FilterTECH designs, fabricates, and programs our controls in-house.

We take great pride in working closely with end-users, operators, engineers, contractors, and integrators to develop exactly the level of automation and technology each project needs to allow for communicating, datalogging, graphing, reporting, and displaying information, whether for simple manual operation or for more robust SCADA functionality.

As a custom equipment supplier, we are able to incorporate equipment from many different PLC and other component manufacturers into our designs, so our AquaTRAC systems integrate easily with existing SCADA systems, or can be a complete stand-alone system to handle the entire plant operation. Our offerings range from PLC based OPTO22 non-proprietary Windows based products to control systems using Allen Bradley or other brands of equipment.

Complete start-up, training and ongoing tech support are always offered by FilterTECH, and we consider the proper functioning of our customers’ treatment plants to be as much our responsibility as it is theirs.