About AquaTECH Pressure Filters & Specialty Media

FilterTECH’s versatile line of AquaTECH Pressure Filters offers custom treatment solutions using Pressure Filtration Vessels containing the proper media for each application, coupled with pumps, valves, controls, meters, and any other necessary ancillary equipment for a fully functioning treatment system. While these are often applied to the removal of iron and manganese, AquaTECH systems are also used to treat waters containing heavy metals or other specific contaminants that are difficult to remove using conventional means. These include arsenic, radium, fluoride, lead, copper, uranium, antimony, selenium, zinc, mercury, and other metals that need to be removed from source waters in order to meet potable water regulations.

Using media with unique properties formulated to target the specific metals to be removed from the water, our AquaTECH systems offer many options, some utilizing backwashable media, and others using single-use disposable media. Part of the FilterTECH Solution is to work closely with engineers, consultants, and end-users to explore various options and help select the ones that best achieve the needs of each individual project.

AquaTECH Specialty Media Filters

Specialty Granular Media and Adsorptive Media Technologies are incorporated into AquaTECH Pressure Filters to achieve high removal efficiencies of a wide range of contaminants including Arsenic and Uranium to required levels below safe drinking water standards.

AquaTECH Pressure Filters

AquaTECH Filters can be pressurized by pumping or by gravity and are commonly accompanied by our oxidation process for the removal of iron, manganese, radium, and arsenic. These systems can also be used for pre-treatment in applications requiring coagulation to remove turbidity in advance of other treatment technologies like bag filters or cartridge filters.

AquaTECH Autobackwashing Filters

AquaTECH Filters can be designed to include our AutoBACKWASH feature to eliminate the need for separate external backwash supply tanks and pumps. The AutoBACKWASH technology can be incorporated into AquaTECH systems pressurized by pumps and in gravity applications.

Specialized features are routinely included in our product offerings, and our real specialty is providing custom systems designed to meet our client’s specific requirements for each project.