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About Us

Our History

Filter Tech Systems, a Colorado company regularly engaged in the business of providing drinking water filtration systems for almost 50 years, has been involved in the membrane business for the last 10 years. When they decided to add membrane systems to their portfolio, they studied and researched and selected the PES Inside-Out systems provided by Pentair X-Flow. At the time, this was a bold, almost radical move because the industry was still widely using PVDF Outside-In systems. But not only did Filter Tech prove to have a lot of foresight in making that selection, they also brought the same level of dedication and customer service to the membrane market that had been their hallmark for the last two decades with their traditional dual-media filters.

Filter Tech is a locally-based, national company that has been building water treatment equipment for the municipal water and wastewater market for over 45 years. Filter Tech has a mature, well-developed line of conventional, granular media treatment modules. These include:

  • The AquaFloc Conventional Treatment plant for highly turbid and difficult-to-treat surface waters
  • The AquaClear flocculation-filtration module for clean surface water or re-use applications
  • The AquaPrima pre-treatment module for membranes, alternative filtration or re-use
  • The AquaTech and AquaSand line of granular media filters using Greensand, Adsorbia or ion-selective resins

  • In 2002 Filter Tech Systems began developing the Ultraflex UltraFiltration system utilizing the X-Flow Hollow- Fiber UltraFiltration Module. The X-Flow modules are being used in five of the top ten largest membrane installations in the world, including the largest installation at 114 MGD

    Filter Tech's UltraFlex UltraFiltration system can be configured for a variety of treatment needs:

  • The UltraFlex 55 for potable water applications
  • The UltraFlex 64, built around the moredensely packed 64 m2 module, for re-use
  • The UltraFlex 1000 Color Removal Package for taste, odor, color and organics issues
  • The UltraFlex HS60 Silica Removal module which can remove up to 99.8% of silica for boiler feed and other demanding applications.
  • Our Strengths

    Filter Tech has the history, experience and capability to work closely with you to help design any variation of a water filtration system, whether it be a membrane system or a conventional dual-media system, for potable water, reuse or wastewater applications. Filter Tech brings a great combination of elements to every project, including a mix of experience and innovation, and a customer service attitude that ensures everyone on the project looks good because at the end of the day the customer is happy, the plant is easy to operate, the process is sustainable and repeatable, and the water being produced is excellent.

    We build euipment. We build relationships. We build water.